Creative communication: Open your heart to your children

On 2nd to 3rd February 2019 Ruangtup Kaeokamechun, founder of Hinghoy Noy organization joined a creative communication training course organized by Maletfun Foundation. Miss Miwako Tarui, Physiologist and psychiatrist from Osaka, Japan opened a conversation about child counselling, she noted that children in her country had access to a child physiologist 24 hours. She came to work as a facilitator in the 2 days training course. I shared my experience about children and youth depression in Thailand. Also, present at the Creative communication training were teachers and people who work with children. We learnt about how to communicate without violence, nonverbal communication, communication environments and Johari theory through games, discussion and workshop.


From this training course Hinghoy Noy realized that in Thailand, we don’t have any child counselling program. We therefore want to create a safe online platform for children to talk about any concern in nearest future. Also, we got some idea about creating guidance for teachers and families about how to use creative communication when relating with children, because we believe that a good conversation requires talking and listening through an open heart.

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