Today last year, I was writing an essay to apply to kanthari. I still remember that moment, before 2018 new year eve, when I went to the volcano called Kawa Ijen in Indonesia. Early morning after 5 hours for walking with strangers to the top of the mountain. My hard journey was only to see the Blue Saffir light. Many people woke up at midnight and climb up to the volcano for seeing a blue light what comes from sulfur gas under the ground. While I was walking, I was thinking about my life. Few years before, I felt lack of energy and alone. As a children book developer and an elder, I faced many taboos in my life and also met many of children who I worked with face in the same situation with me. In my society, nobody wants to talk about taboo information with them. Even I am older than children but I didn’t know how to help myself to understand and solve those challenges.

After I reached the top of the volcano, I saw a blue beautiful light. I could say that blue light so amazing. Many times, when I think about the lights. Those light make me feel like that my life fulfill with hope and energy. The heavy cold wind blew sulfur gas, I was standing there and shivering but my mind didn’t feel fear anymore. I thought about my future in kanthari. Even during that trip, I got an email from kanthari. They asked me to send an essay to continue the process of selecting some people to be kanthari participants in 2018. I didn’t bring the laptop because of long traveling. Hence, I sent a short message to Thomas, a team of the kanthari that I will send the essay when I reach my home in Bangkok.

Today last year, that’s time I was writing an essay, my English skill were so different from now. I realize that only one year, my passion from within brought me to the new world call kanthari and kanthari change my life ever. I started my Hinghoy Noy organization. Small lights by fireflies who will be friends in the darkness of taboos and shine their lights to children. Everywhere and at any time.

You are a part of our journey in 2018

Thank you for your kind support. Happy new year and send the best wish to all of you.



Ruangtup Kaeokamechun

Founder of Hinghoy Noy